web3 integration, made simple and efficient.

User-friendly web2 UX for your web3 game.

Librty developer toolkit is your master key to creating the best gaming experiences.

All the tools you need to get your build web3-compatible cheap, efficient, and customizable.

  • Wallet Connect SDK

    Connect to non-custodial wallets like Metamask, Coinbase, and more. Social login support across platforms.

  • Web3 Data SDK

    Access and leverage data for all tokens and NFTs in your game. Unlimited free requests.

  • Token SDK

    Unleash the power of your tokens, seamlessly. Mint, distribute, whitelist, airdrop, stake, token gate NFTs, with cross-chain compatibility.

  • API Response Simulation

    Prototype and optimize blockchain response. Fast, without even deploying to the blockchain.

  • Marketplace SDK

    Everything you need to create and scaffold a custom in-game NFT marketplace with just a few lines of code.

  • AA Wallet SDK

    Create a better custom crypto wallet. multiple actions and chains, in one transaction. No more seed phrases, extra signatures, or transaction limits. Gasless transactions on the tokens you hold!

  • On-ramp SDK

    Let your users get started and get paid easily. Go from FIAT to crypto and back, all without leaving the app. UPI support.

transaction support

Build with high TPS.

Experience lightning-fast transactions with high TPS by building on Polygon's ZkEVM tech. This cutting-edge solution not only boosts throughput but also minimizes fees and reduces latency, making it an ideal choice for your next project

  • natively integrate with your game engine.

    Connect to your game with one snippet of code. Save on development time and cost, without sacrificing security and reliability. Natively compatible with Unity and Unreal engines.

  • a better web3 user-experience.

    Librty brings a web2-like experience to the power of web3. With social support, easy on-ramping, and easy in-game marketplace support.

  • scale your games with ease.

    Scaffold NFT marketplaces in game with just a few lines. Simulate on-chain scenarios with our built in API simulator.

  • headshot access to a fast-growing gamer community.

    Distribute to thousands of gamers at the click of a button with the Librty Store. Run targeted campaigns, like creating custom airdrops aimed at high-value players. Get instant access to our native NFT marketplace and web3 esports tournaments.

  • smart contract wallets for smart development.

    Build it the RIGHT way from the start. Smart contract wallets mean more flexibility and ease. No more seed phrases, setting limits or extra signage steps Zk rollups for high speed security.

  • token data at your fingertips.

    Access net worth of user held tokens and NFTs. Get the latest token prices and enable frictionless token swap / transfer / airdrops across chains

transaction support

your whole platform cross-chain

Custom transaction bundling, frictionless token swap / transfer / airdrops and NFT assets that are transferable, tradeable, mintable, and rentable all cross-chain.

why pay for an API?

ours is FREE to use.

Say goodbye to blockchain costs, and wasted build time. Start moving with web3 in your game, for no cost to you.