build better games. give players ownership. ensure your game’s success.

Break convention. Put real profit in the hands of both you and the players, harnessing the power of Web3 commerce. Let players grow your game. Implementation is simple, protected, and fully scalable.

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top games use web3.


web3 economies keep players in the game.

  • web2 gaming has critical flaws.

    Traditional games lock profit in the hands of the top percent of gamers, and game publishers. Gamers’ time and effort spent within the confines of the game cannot be redeemed.

  • change the game with Librty.

    Activating your game’s web3 economy unlocks secure and robust earning potential and ownership for your players, to rapidly grow your user base, and keep the gamers coming back.

  • economies of the future.

    Web3 gives players ownership and profit, so your game can grow organically, scale, and generate more profitability for developers in the process.


unlock the power of web3 with one snippet of code.

  • ship and iterate, faster.

    Librty handles game platform integration, logistics, user onboarding, and promotion, so you can focus on the important stuff - making awesome games.

  • real game economies, on your terms.

    Start with a simple NFT release, integrate your existing game economy with Web3, or build a new system from the ground up. Librty is fully scalable, flexible, and protected.

  • developer tools that work for you.

    Librty Stack includes APIs and SDKs native to your development platform, with easy, flexible systems to create special incentives and custom events to drive engagement and increase value for your gamers.


developers and gamers are better together.

  • players own the game.

    Librty transforms your game into its own DAO, allowing gamers to collect Fan Tokens to cast votes on critical decisions that shape the future of the game.

  • drive player engagement, and keep them coming back.

    Librty makes it easy to incentivize with events, tournaments, and NFT releases that give new and existing players the chance to win big, and reap real rewards.

  • say goodbye to the old profit maximization model.

    And say hello to profit-per-player. Librty maximizes profits earned by each player, so that everyone has a fair chance to make a living by playing your games. Devs earn micro-commissions on all transactions, adding up to serious diversified revenue the more players engage.

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On Librty, gamers play the games they love while collecting valuable currency and unique items. Game developers simply enable web3 commerce tools.