• why we exist

    The world would be a better place if more people made a living out of what they love doing. Our main vision at Librty is to break down the traditional barriers that define ikigai. To increase ikigai, We need more ways to merge what people are good at, what people love, what the world needs and what people can get paid for.

  • the impact

    Billions worldwide passionately engage in gaming yet often receive minimal tangible benefits for their time and dedication. Web3, with its decentralized nature, promises to revolutionize the gaming industry by expanding economic opportunities for all. By seamlessly merging Web3 and gaming, we can empower billions of people to achieve ikigai – a sense of purpose and fulfilment in life. Our mission is to enhance economic prospects through blockchain-powered games, providing players with true ownership through fungible and non-fungible tokens. This approach allows individuals to transform their time and skills into tangible assets, offering a beacon of hope in regions plagued by censorship, authoritarian rule, and dire economic circumstances that evoke a sense of entrapment in a matrix-like reality. Embracing ikigai – the search for one's reason for being – is a powerful weapon against the confines of the matrix and paves the way towards a more fulfilling and purpose-driven gaming experience.

  • our story

    Librty, previously known as "Higin", was founded by Ram & Revanth in 2019 with a mission to increase esports opportunities so that more people can make a living out of what they love doing. But, Esports has its fair share of problems: excessive control of the game developer, wealth gap: only 1-3% of esports players & teams succeed, but the success is short-lived and has to pivot to content creation or something else to support themselves and monetize. Ram's passion for Librty comes from his interest in wanting to be an esports athlete in 2017 and found how broken the system is. At 19, Ram decided to exit the college matrix with the help of Revanth and focus on this problem statement. He discovered Crypto Kitties while searching for more ways to increase opportunities in gaming and fell in love with Fungible & Non-fungible tokens and how they could solve what esports was supposed to solve, i.e. reward people for being good at the game. With the help of our partners & investors, We are now a team of 10+ people across engineering, design and growth who strive to make our dream of increasing economic opportunities through gaming a reality.

the team building the future of gaming

  • Sitaram Kakarlamudi


  • Revanth Shrinivas


  • Krati Jain


  • Jaideep Singh

    Product Designer

  • Ganga Khushlani

    Visual Designer

  • Abishek Tiwari

    Solidity Developer

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On Librty, gamers play the games they love while collecting valuable currency and unique items. Game developers simply enable web3 commerce tools.